The illusion of life

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The pains that we feel is nothing but a product of our perception about life. When we were babies or young children, we feel life but have no concept of life. As we grow up, we start to form judgment because of what we observed and heard from our external environment. We start to judge things as bad and good, sad and happy, beautiful and ugly, man and woman, right and wrong. From judgment stems expectations. We expect ourselves to be the best in everything we do that we push ourselves to the limit. We expect people to love us unconditionally. Expectations are like cages and prisons; it limits us to know what life really  is. Have you tried standing on top of a mountain? Or sit on the sand and just stare on the sea before you? Isn't the creation so magnificent, so huge that we sometimes felt lacking of words to describe what is before us? That is life. It is something we cannot fully describe nor contain. For an astronomer or astronaut, earth is just a tiny planet, a speck of dust among the billions of stars, moons and planets in the galaxies. Similarly, our concept of life is just a minuscule of everything. So, whenever we feel pain, it is because we invited pain in our lives. It is not because of other people or situation. Life has given us the widest space so we can move out of our situation, to start again. So, don't live in a cage. Explore life!  

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